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Thursday, October 17, 2002

I Feel Their Pain

Sort of.

Their frustration is growing visibly, and its hard not to sympathize. The Bush-haters are a pretty frantic lot right now, and there’s no telling where their frustration might lead. But it should be pretty fun to watch.

In fairness, they had their counterparts during the Clinton administration. There were those of us who let our distaste for Clinton’s left-wing ideology and governance transform itself into a sort of obsession with the man himself. His misguided domestic and military policies and gross abuses of power were reason enough to oppose him: accusations of murder were really overkill. So to speak.

But the Bush-bashers are clearly at their breaking point. If you’ve encountered any, you know this. He has them on the brink. Can you blame them? It wasn’t supposed to work out this way.

The Democrat media spin machine has been working overtime for 3 years telling the country what a dunce George W. Bush is - and every serious opponent Bush has faced, from the perpetually self-serving John McCain to Al Gore to Tom Daschle has been given the hero treatment. But Bush has pretty much vanquished them all - though there’s admittedly still some mopping up to do with respect to Mr. Daschle.

They told the country that W is a dopey frat boy. They made a big issue out of his inability to name particular foreign leaders at the command of some disc jockey (pointedly ignoring Al Gore’s subsequent inability to pass the same critical test of presidential leadership). They mocked his sometimes mangled syntax. They pulled a decades-old DWI arrest out at the 11th hour of the presidential campaign. They accused him of paying for a girlfriend’s abortion as a college student. They as much as accused him of complicity in the racially motivated murder of a black man in Texas.

Simpleton. Frat boy. Racist. Extremist. Homophobe. They tried ‘em all. But there was one problem: the same problem they faced when they tried these very tactics on Ronald Reagan. It was all untrue. And the American people saw it for themselves once they got a chance to see the man sans leftist filtering. They saw George Bush and Al Gore side-by-side in three debates. And they liked George Bush more. A lot more. Even with incessant media cheerleading for the Democrat team, the nation at peace, and a wide-spread (if very mistaken) belief that the economy was humming along, Al Gore was essentially played to a draw by a man the DNC and its surrogates at CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC portrayed as a retarded, racist frat boy.

So they went to Plan B. No sooner was Bush inaugurated than the mantra went up: with such a closely divided government, Bush simply couldn’t press the agenda he had outlined in the campaign. ESPECIALLY not his campaign’s centerpiece - a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut. This was a particularly amusing battle that I have scripted into a brief three act play. I call it: “The Great Compromise.”


-George Bush
-Al Gore
-Media Chorus composed of Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Tim Russert and other less recognizable people, all wearing donkey suits.

Bush: “When elected, I intend to pass a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut.”
Gore: “You can’t do that. That’s IRRESPONSIBLE!”
Media Chorus: “George W. Bush today proposed a fiscally irresponsible tax cut of 1.3 trillion dollars. We know its irresponsible because George Stephanopolous told us so.”
Bush: “When elected, I intend to pass a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut.”
Gore: “Well, maybe half a trillion. MAYBE.”
MC: “Al Gore today proposed a fiscally responsible tax cut of 500 billion dollars that won’t require old people to eat ketchup for dinner.”
Bush: “When elected, I intend to pass a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut.”
Gore: “We’ve checked with our accountants. We can do 900 billion.”


-George Bush
-Chief Justice William Rehnquist
-Tom Daschle
-Media Chorus

Rehnquist (fading in): “ help you God?”
Bush: “So help me God.”
Rehnquist: “Congratulations.”
Bush: “Thank you, Justice Rehnquist.”
“Dear America. I intend to pass a 1.6 trillion dollar tax cut.”
MC: “President Bush is going to have to compromise to get anything done. He has a bare majority in both houses and the nation is politically split down the middle. He’s going to have to scale back his tax-cut plans dramatically.”
Bush: “Dear Congress. Where is my 1.6 billion dollar tax cut?”
Daschle: “This is outrageous! Nothing higher than 900 billion and that‘s my final word!”

-George Bush
-Tom Daschle

Bush: “I am pleased to announce that I have today signed into law a 1.3 trillion dollar tax cut.”
Daschle: “Made you compromise!”


Bush has snookered them time after time. Their only modest success has been 100% defensive and negative. By shamelessly tricking poor, feeble-minded Jim Jeffords into changing parties, they were able to obtain a senate majority, which they have used to block some of Bush’s agenda - most notably his judicial appointments. This should be remedied in the upcoming elections, where it looks very likely that the GOP will recapture a majority in the Senate.

But we can expect them to become increasingly shrill and desperate in the coming weeks as it dawns on them that they will fall far short of the traditional large gains made by out-of-power parties in off-year elections. All signs now point to no gains at all, in fact, and possibly even some net loss - virtually unprecedented in American political history.

We know what they do when they get desperate, though. They not only get a little kooky, but they pull out every scare tactic in their playbook. They’ve already started running ads with cartoons featuring George Bush pushing an old lady (black, of course) down a flight of stairs. Somehow the media watchdogs who prowl for “negative ads” haven’t made much mention of this one. Funny, that.

But I am absolutely certain they’ll try some last-minute maneuver that will be dutifully promoted by the boys at the networks. It is difficult to predict exactly what they’ll try. Predicting the acts of sociopaths is, after all, tricky business by definition. But we have some clues from their past actions.

In 2000 they ran ads recreating the murder of a black man in Texas who was killed by three scumbags in a racially motivated murder. They dragged him from the back of a pickup truck until he died. The ad featured a voice-over by the victim’s son and implied that George Bush favored soft treatment for the man’s killers becaused he opposed a particular version of “hate crime“ legislation proposed in the Texas legislature. In effect, it accused him of approving of the killing. The truth of the matter was that the man’s killers were convicted of murder. Two were sentenced to death and one to life imprisonment.

In 1998 they ran ads in Missouri saying that if Republicans were elected, black churches would start to burn down again.

In 1992, they claimed the economy was the worst it had been in 50 years. This was another outright falsehood that went absolutely unchallenged by media “truth squads.” This one was in the same category, by the way, as the whopper promulgated by the Democrats a few years later that Newt Gingrich wanted to “cut” Medicare. Despite the fact that the GOP plan was publicly available and clearly called for annual increases in the range of 7%, this lie went completely uncorrected by the DNC’s media allies at the major networks. And like the “worst economy in 50 years” line, it was repeated often enough that many uninformed people believed it.

So what will they do this year? There’s really no telling. Unemployment is at about 5.7% so they can’t really play that up too much. The stock market has been in the dumps as of late (though it has rallied nicely in the past several days). They might try something there. They might try to convince people, for example, that their 401K’s are going to descend to absolute zero and that only a Democrat Congress can prevent it. The problem with this, though, is that 401K owners tend to be a bit more knowledgeable about financial matters than the traditional Democrat marks, errr, constituents, and hence likely to see through leftist sophistry in that regard. Besides, what is their proposal? To restore everyone’s 401K balance by legislative fiat? That might be a little beyond the pale even for Paul Wellestone. Well, for Fritz Hollings, anyway.

The source of the the left’s power is an astute knowledge of where people feel the most vulnerable, coupled with the unscrupulousness to appeal to that vulnerability with a Devil‘s deal: “Give us control and we’ll make you safe. We’ll take the risks out of your day-to-day existence. Leave it all up to us. We’ll take care of you.” Only too late, if ever, do the marks realize they’ve been had. By then, though, they have a vested interest. Dope dealers do the same thing. It’s a proven, if not very honorable, modus operandi.

For reasons I’ll go into another time, though, I don’t think it will work this time. In fact, it works less and less as time passes. Take yourself back 20 years and ask yourself if you would have ever dreamed it possible that the GOP would maintain control of the House of Representatives for 10 years in succession. Yet in less than 3 weeks, we will have an election that I believe will ensure that very thing. It's really quite remarkable.

My grandmother had a sign in her kitchen: “We get too soon old and too late smart.” Here’s hoping - and believing - that grandma‘s wisdom will prove not to be universal. Here’s hoping that enough of us have gotten smart enough, soon enough, to keep the leftist beast at bay for at least two more years.

At this point I’d be willing to make book on it.

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