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Unintentionally Hilarious Leftist Paranoia

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Sunday, March 09, 2003
Off to Vegas!

No blogging for the next 5 days. I'll be attending a trade show in Las Vegas and most of my free time will be consumed by meetings.

My free time not consumed by meetings will be consumed by poker.

The other three hours a day I plan on sleeping.


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John Ray on British Anti-Americanism

"Only conservatives are much into precautions and most of the population is not clearly Left OR Right. Only the US public generally understand GWB's priorities -- which reflects the fact that it is they who were attacked. So British public opinion on Iraq simply shows that they were not the ones attacked.

And of course the English are anti-American! They are anti-French, anti-German, anti-Scots, anti-Irish, anti-Australian etc etc too. And there is no shadow of doubt about whom the Scots and the Irish hate most -- the English! And have you ever heard a Yorkshireman talk about a Lancastrian (both of whom are English)? Contempt is the only word for it!

Interesting points. In my fairly extensive experience with the Brits I've never encountered much anti-Americanism. My dealings, though, have been mostly with the business class which: a) probably hides any such sentiments more than most; and b) might actually BE less anti-American than their countrymen owing to more actual dealing with Americans. The more one deals with actual humans of whatever pursuasion, the less it seems to me that one is inclined to make sweeping cultural judgements.

There's also probably less such sentiment in the business class than elsewhere because of simple self-interest. Trade benefits all and the U.S. economy is by far the world's largest. I really believe that trade is a hugely moderating and democratizing influence and the best hope for world...if not peace then the best semblance thereto we're likely to experience. Can it really be coincidence that the world's most reactionary regimes are inevitably also the most inward-looking?

Then there's Pat Buchanan....

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Just when you think you had heard all the PC insanity our colleges have to offer....

...along comes this story (found via Tounge Tied).

Professor Rosalyn Kahn’s teaches Speech 106 at CU. It is a required course.

Ms. Kahn recent gave her class an assignment which "required students, to achieve full credit, to write letters to President George W. Bush 'demanding' that he not go to war with Iraq. Several students requested that they be allowed to complete the assignment by expressing their own opinions, which would mean, in some cases, writing letters in support of President Bush’s foreign policy. Kahn told the students that letters supporting the president would not be acceptable and would not receive credit. Several students refused to turn in the assignment and were penalized.

One week later, Kahn again required students to write letters with a specific political viewpoint, this time to California State Senator Jack Scott. Professor Kahn collected the letters from the class and personally delivered them to Scott. The Senator’s office told FIRE that the letters were not solicited

One of Ms. Kahn's students contacted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. FIRE contacted the school administration, and to make a long story short, justice was done.

"In a letter to FIRE, received today, the College agreed to resolve the matter by appropriately sanctioning the professor, apologizing to and reassuring the students in Speech 106 that their grades would not be affected by these assignments, and ensuring this situation would not occur again at Citrus College. Additionally, (Citrus College) President Zellers will send letters to both President George W. Bush and to State Senator Jack Scott apologizing for this violation of freedom of speech and formally withdrawing the sham letters."

Could you imagine this press this would have gotten had it been the other way around? If a professor had demanded that students write a PRO-war letter to the President?

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