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Saturday, December 11, 2004
Bush Voters Are Smarter

By now, you've probably seen this table or something very much like it.

The chart lists all the states, the average IQ of their citizens, and whether they voted for Bush or Kerry in November. The point, of course, is that almost all of the "smarter" states voted for Kerry, while all the "dumb" states went W's way.

My first thought when I saw this (actually a different version, but formatted identically) on some leftwing German blog was: "Hey, I thought these guys don't believe in IQ!" Inasmuch as their interest in this information indicated to me that a sizeable segment of the left had finally become convinced that IQ is a valid measure of cognitive ability - or SOMETHING that matters at any rate - I actually viewed this as quite a positive development.

My second thought, and I'll quote the little voice in my head verbatim here, was:


Yep, that's what I said to myself. I said: "Hmmmmmmm." With seven "m's."

Then I said: "Funny thing about those states in the old Confederacy that Bush carried. Lots of black folks live in those states." This table of the U.S. black population by state is based on 1999 data, but it's plenty good enough for our purposes here. If you know of a better one let me know.

The state with the highest percentage of blacks is Mississippi, at 36.5%. The state with the second highest percentage is Louisiana at 32.4%.

The 6 other states with black populations greater than 20% are:

South Carolina - 29.8%
Georgia - 28.7%
Maryland - 28.1%
Alabama - 26.1%
North Carolina - 22.0%
Virginia - 20.1%

Bush carried every one of these states but Maryland.

So what? So this:

The IQ of the average white is 103. The IQ of the average black is 85.

This site takes that into account, along with IQ data for Hispanics, Asians, and "other," and shows pretty conclusively that the average Bush voter is, indeed, smarter than the average Kerry voter.

That's 101.6 to 98.1 for those of you keeping score at home.

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Friday, December 10, 2004
Tag line seen on Free Republic:

"NO BLOOD FOR CHOCOLATE. Get France out of the Ivory Coast!"

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Then there's this guy

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Scrappleface on Moyers' Departure

"Bill Moyers, whose journalistic reports on PBS have been missed by most Americans for 30 years, retires this month but fails to leave the customary void, according to a journalism expert.

"'Normally when a veteran newsman leaves, there is that sense of loss,' said an unnamed professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, 'but all of our metrics indicate that Americans are unlikely to note the absence of Bill Moyers, let alone struggle to reach emotional closure.'

"A spokesman for Mr. Moyers suggested that, during his three decades of low visibility, 'Americans may have done sufficient pre-mourning to assuage the grief of final separation.'"

More at Scrappleface

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What do Tammy Wynette and George W. Bush Have in Common?

Did you know this?

-"Ruud Lubbers, the U.N. high commissioner for refugees, was accused of sexually harassing a subordinate, only to have the charges dismissed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan despite an internal investigation that supported the woman's complaint."

-"U.N. peacekeepers have been accused of a variety of sexual offenses involving children for more than a decade, most recently in Congo."

-"(Kofi) Annan's son, Kojo, and Benon Savan, the head of the U.N. 'oil for food' program in Iraq, are said to have benefited financially while Saddam Hussein stole $21 billion."

All true. Yet the EU, American Democrats, and sadly, yes even George W. Bush to some extent, continue to stand by their man.

I ask again: why? It's a rhetorical question, of course. But this article by Max Boot in the L.A. Times provides the explanation(s) for those who don't already know.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Truth-Teller Signs Off!

Here's a story that'll get you sick, but also make you feel better right away. Bill Moyers is quitting.

If you mouseover the link to the story at CBS the popup says "PBS Newsman to end his truth-telling mission after 3 decades." That's the part that'll make you sick. Well, that and the rest of the article. Here's a choice excerpt:

"I'm going out telling the story that I think is the biggest story of our time: how the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee....We have an ideological press that's interested in the election of Republicans, and a mainstream press that's interested in the bottom line. Therefore, we don't have a vigilant, independent press whose interest is the American people."

Here are a few notable quotes from this pillar of objectivity, courtesy of the Media Research Center:

"Somebody said to me...that Americans don't behead, but we do drop smart bombs that do it for us."

"Even if Mr. Bush wins re-election this November, he, too, will eventually be dragged down by the powerful undertow that inevitably accompanies public deception. The public will grow intolerant of partisan predators and crony capitalists indulging in a frenzy of feeding at the troughs in Baghdad and Washington. And there will come a time when the President will have no one to rely on except his most rabid allies in the right wing media. He will discover too late that you cannot win the hearts and minds of the public at large in a nation polarized and pulverized by endless propaganda in defiance of reality...."

"When I see flags sprouting on official lapels, I think of the time in China when I saw Mao?s Little Red Book on every official?s desk, omnipresent and unread. But more galling than anything are all those moralistic ideologues in Washington sporting the flag in their lapels while writing books and running Web sites and publishing magazines attacking dissenters as un-American....I put it on to remind myself that not every patriot thinks we should do to the people of Baghdad what bin Laden did to us"

There's much, much more...but you get the drift.

Yet another dinosaur bites the dust.

May he spend his dotage years sharing a nursing home room with Jesse Helms.

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"House Dems Come to Annan's Defense"

Doesn't this tell you all you need to know about the likes of Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers? These are the same people who felt the need to launch 947 9/11 commissions and won't be happy until Ken Lay is drawn and quartered.

But the fact that the UN kinda lost 21 BILLION dollars doesn't generate any suspicion in their wee brains as to the credibility of the guy running the outfit.

"Rep. Dennis Kucinich (search), D-Ohio, sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of State Colin Powell, saying criticism of Annan is 'disgraceful and premature.'

'There has been no hint of impropriety on the part of the secretary-general, who on numerous occasions has proven his honesty and integrity,' the letter said.

It was signed by 19 Democrats and independent Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Doesn't 21 billion missing dollars and the small fact that Kofi's son raked in lots of dough in exchange for "sensitive information" sound like a "hint of impropriety" to you? Me too.

Seriously, though. How do these people look themselves in the mirror? Well, in Kucinich's case, he probably doesn't reach high enough to see himself. But you get my point.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Global Warming

Those of you who never read my blog prior to my recent reemergence should know one thing I believe passionately: The environmental movement is the greatest threat to freedom in the world today.

Here is an article on Tech Central Station (what an awful name - but a great blog) on "Global Warming."

"....There have been only a very few multi-decadal warming and cooling periods in the last 100 years, and it seems to be an overly vindictive view of nature to attribute the cooling periods to natural variability, while blaming the warming periods on humans. Climate models that are now purportedly able to mimic these few warming and cooling periods have so many adjustable parameters, and so few historical events to explain, that the resulting correlations could well be accidental rather than physical.

It is unfortunate, and causes confusion, that 'global warming' has taken on a meaning in most peoples' minds that includes elements such as extreme, devastating, calamitous… in other words, bad by definition. The most frequent question I'm asked about climate change is, 'Do you believe in global warming'? I am always forced to answer with a question: 'What do you mean by global warming?'. It is quite plausible that some portion of the 1 deg. F warming in the last 50 to 100 years is due to increasing concentrations of man-made greenhouse gases. But since climate science has still meager understanding of how much of this warming is natural (for instance, the multi-decadal warming trend that ended around 1940), scientists are prone to downplaying uncertainties, and over-emphasizing what they do understand (emphasis added): that increasing levels of carbon dioxide should cause warming. Virtually everyone agrees that more carbon dioxide causes a warming tendency -- the real question is, how will the climate system respond?"

The author, a Dr. Roy Spencer, then ventures, abeit tentatively, into the political:

"The 'new ice age' scare of the 1970's should teach us something about statements coming from scientific bodies: that even in scientific reports, scientists sometimes get a little carried away with their theories. This explains in part why scientists' pronouncements are not blindly accepted by the public anymore. Additionally, the most authoritative reports, produced by the IPCC, have been notorious for downplaying or outright ignoring uncertainties in their summaries for policymakers (the only part a congressional staffer is likely to read). Combined with the biased influence of the principals leading the IPCC report process, and the UN's own agenda for future political influence ('Agenda 21'), it is easy to see how the scientific message can get distorted and misused...."

Building up to a grand finale, which unfolds thusly:

"Even though I am a scientist, I'm particularly thankful that scientists are not allowed to decide public policy.

'Consensus' among scientists is not definitive, and some have even argued that in science it is meaningless or counterproductive. After all, even scientific 'laws' have been disproved in the past (e.g. the Law of Parity in nuclear physics). Global warming is a process that can not be measured in controlled lab experiments, and so in many respects it can not be tested or falsified in the traditional scientific sense. Nevertheless, I'm willing to admit that in the policymakers' realm, scientific consensus might have some limited value. But let's be honest about what that consensus refers to: that 'humans influence the climate'. Not that 'global warming is a serious threat to mankind'.

And yet the international left wants us to implement the most radical, economically-disruptive and freedom-constraining measures imaginable to protect against this "threat" that may or may not exist and may or may not even be less than beneficial.

God, I hate these bastards.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
"Get Republicans Fired"

TS Right Dominion (hereby added to the blogroll, though no clue is offered as to what the "TS" stands for) has taken the effort to construct a wonderful list of the 10 most obnoxious posts on the Democratic Underground (hereinafter DUh) for the past year. It's quite a list. Here's a sample from a fellow calling himself "ReadTomPaine:"

"Here are half a dozen ideas to get the ball rolling.

1) Get Republicans fired at your workplace, or fire them yourself if you can – In the belief that all activism starts with the grass roots, do us all a favor, and fire your Republican employees this week. There are legitimate reasons to fire virtually any employee, so avail yourself of them. Not only will it quit the gloating you’re hearing around the office, it’ll stop those donation checks they are getting ready to write. Might also teach them a bit of humility regarding the poor and the disadvantaged. They can be the “Pioneers” of “Unemployment Window A”

2) Pretend to be a Republican, and then cut down the next Republican that you have a conversation with. - The more public/crowed the place you do this, the better. Use whatever remarks you know are sure to make the intended impression. “You’re no better than the liberal scum you claim to hate… get back into the kitchen… Just wait till we win next year and toss peons like you into the field or the workhouse… People in your income bracket don’t have the right to be Republican or vote etc.” If you need talking points, just observe in a Yahoo political chat room for a few minutes and you have all the right wing bile that you can use and quite possibly all that you can stand....

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James Bond, Louis XVI, Leonard Bernstein, and Communist Cobras

Michael Moriarty has always been one of my favorite actors and one of the few celebrities whose utterances I find the least bit interesting. I was therefore quite pleased several years ago to read that he had described himself as a libertarian.

Several years ago, while he was still playing District Attorney Ben Stone on tv's "Law and Order," Moriarty had a very public run-in with Janet Reno over comments she made about the violence of the show. He basically told her to go to hell. Now how can you not like a guy like that?

In addition to being an author and accomplished thespian, however, Moriarty is quite the iconoclast. He is also a very, very strange man. The astute observer will notice that's one "quite" for iconoclast, but two "very's" for strange.

He's REALLY strange.

And this article by Moriarty on Exit Stage Right doesn't disappoint on either account. He talks about the fruits of the "French Benightedment" in, umm, interesting terms. For example:

"Pro-choice ladies are now the most radical of the Radical Chic. With the new French, selective-cyanide, abortion pill, they can do the dirty work which the old-fashioned Radical Elite left up to the likes of Robespierre and Osama bin Laden. They are now full-time Revolutionaries. NOW, the National Organization for Women, is selling T shirts with the revolutionary declaration: "I had an abortion!"

The Third Reich never got quite that bold. No, they didn't hand out bumper-stickers proclaiming, "I just killed a Jew!" Considering economics as a class distinction, perhaps German Jews began dying as financial aristocrats in the same way French aristocrats had to bite the blade of the guillotine. The war against all class-distinctions had a very French-German kick-off. And it all eventually flowered in America. The Fourth Reich, with its U.N. headquarters in New York, now controls 97% of the human race. The three percent left voted for George W. Bush. Napoleon must be rolling in his grave with joy!

In a mere 13 paragraph article, Moriarty manages to cover such disparate subjects as: Tom Wolfe, Leonard Bernstein, Napoleon, James Bond, Louis XVI, Marx and Engels, Robespierre, Osama Bin Laden, the National Organization of Women, Wagner, the New York Times Editorial Board, the U.N, "radical bats," "communist cobras," Christmas, Hanukah, and my personal favorite: "Judeo-Greco-Roman-Christian-English-speaking-American civilization."

I love the guy. But I hope he hasn't stop taking his meds.

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Michael Moore Shaves!

For his recent appearance on the Jay Leno show. Here's the proof.

Hey, I guess its a step in the right direction. They never DID get Janet Reno to do that.

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This guy may be the most honest left-winger around. While I find his message depressing, I think he exposes pretty clearly the psychology of the typical leftist.

The author is one William Powers. His message? All these choices are just too darned much work! He can't figure out what iPod to buy. His cell phone bill is too complicated. Americans' lives are "so full of choices," he says, "its making them miserable."

I freely admit to a visceral identification with his state-of-mind - if not his conclusions. As an employee of a large corporation, I sometimes feel as though I should hire an accountant to help me understand all the pension, medical, investment and other benefit programs. It CAN be exhausting. And the author is probably largely correct when he says: "When it comes to choice, everyone has an inner Bartleby who would prefer not to."

Yep, this freedom stuff is difficult. But take what this guy is saying to its logical conclusion. What choices would he eliminate? Who would do the elimination and how? Under what authority?

The thrust of his argument is targeted at Bush's Social Security privatization plan. And while I believe he's catastrophically wrong, I truly appreciate the fact that he is equally honest. No one can seriously argue that it wouldn't be to the financial advantage of young people to allow them to direct some of their SS money into private accounts. But it WILL be more work. It will transform SS from what the writer calls "one of the few remaining boxes in life requiring no check-off, no choice whatsoever" to "another menu of options."

Contemplating Mr. Powers' terror, though, I have had one question answered. Why is it, I've always asked myself, that such countries as Cuba and North Korea are so plagued by hoards of immigrants trying to make their way into them by any means possible? Hardly a day goes by, after all, without some new report of families boating their way from South to North Korea. Or cramming the family onto a raft and heading from the Florida Keys to Cuba.

Well, now I have my answer. Its Choice And Selection Trauma (CAST).

In which case, if North Korea won't take him, Powers can always move to Boca Raton, where at least he can get good counseling.

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Aussies and Yanks

I've always said that with the possible exception of Canadians from Alberta, Australians are more like Americans than anyone else in the world. And in some respects, the Aussies might be a better mirror since they don't live in our back yard and have to live in our reflection.

Here is a very nice article making more or less the same point. The reference to "Mr Downer" refers to Aussie Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. (Story found via John Ray's Dissecting Leftism.)

"Rough around the edges, Australians share much in common with Americans. They too are a nation of immigrants with predominantly conservative values (Don't get Mr. Downer started on the subject of gay marriage). And, feral lefties apart, they know where their national interest lies. Again and again, I heard ordinary Australians talk about the U.S. alliance in far more positive terms than are commonly heard from America's other stalwart allies -- the British.

That's at least partly because there's no historical baggage. 'The U.S. didn't break away from Australia, so there's none of the 18th century history,' Mr. Downer notes. Instead Australians still remember how Britain failed to defend Singapore in 1942. There's a widespread belief that America saved Australia from occupation when it stopped the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway some months after Singapore fell."

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Monday, December 06, 2004
I Wonder if Johnny Chung is a Stockholder

Nothing involving the Clintons should surprise me, I guess, but this somehow struck me as an odd story.

"Former president Bill Clinton on Monday helped launch a new Internet search company backed by the Chinese government which says its technology uses artificial intelligence to produce better results than Google Inc.

'I hope you all make lots of money,' Clinton told executives at the launch of Accoona Corp., which donated an undisclosed amount to the William J. Clinton Foundation.

The Chinese government, one of several large backers, has granted Accoona a 20-year exclusive partnership with the China Daily Information Co., the government agency that runs an official Chinese and English Web site.

The Democrats, when they're at their scandalmongering best, always like to talk about the "appearance of impropriety." While this isn't illegal, couldn't you imagine how this story would play if it was, say, ex-president Ronald Reagan telling a bunch of Chinese businessmen he hopes they make a ton of money while speaking at the launch of their new venture whose goal is to supplant a major American firm (Google).

I guess if you set expectations low enough, you can do just about anything. Look for Clinton to appear on the cover of next month's issue of Cigar Aficionado.

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Still More McDim

"McCain withholds approval of Rumsfeld."

So says this article from the International Herald Tribune online.

In a related development, John Hinckley has also refused to endorse Rumsfeld, citing unnamed sources that tell him Rumsfeld is having an affair with Jody Foster.

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Sunday, December 05, 2004
The Fourth Election

Bill Safire on those who want to delay the Iraq elections:

"So far, voters who support implanting freedom in the Middle East have won three in a row, electing President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, the American ally John Howard in Australia, and George Bush here.

Now pessimists are trying desperately to call off the fourth election - the one scheduled for late January in Iraq to elect a 275-member national assembly that will write a constitution - lest they lose that vote, too.

Safire seems to have pretty good sources on this thing and, as should be expected by now, the real story appears to be somewhat different than what we've been told. Apparently a guy named Adnan Pachachi convened the "small gathering" (Safire's words) that urged the six-month delay. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised to learn that Pachachi was the UN's choice to run Iraq's interim govenment - but was rejected by the Iraqis out of hand.

The most troubling aspect of the original story as reported - that the Kurds joined in on the request - is bogus if Safire is to be believed. The top Kurd in the provisional goverment (Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih) was supposed to attend but couldn't. He was instead represented by a junior colleague with no authority to support a delay.

The bottom line is that the Kurds want elections now and are making vital contributions to the security forces in Baghdad and elsewhere.

The elections will go on as scheduled.

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"Either Islam gets Europeanized, or Europe gets Islamized."

David Pryce Jones has written a call-to-ideological-arms against Islamofascism in this eye-opening article in Commentary online entitled "The Islamization of Europe"

He discusses the influx of huge numbers of Muslims into Europe over the past several decades and makes an excellent case that the decline of nationalism within the states of Europe has been a significant factor in the rise of radical Islam and its attendant dangers on the continent.

"In Europe, the world wars of the last century finally undid and discredited the idea of the sovereign nation-state, the engine of the continent's preeminence and self-confidence. In place of this tried and tested political arrangement, now suddenly seen as outmoded and dysfunctional, institutions like the European Union and the United Nations were thought to offer a firmer foundation for a new world order, one that would be based on universal legal norms and in which sovereign power would be rendered superfluous. It has been the resulting decline of the European nation-state that has helped provide a unique opportunity for Islamism, itself based on a world-wide, transnational community that has been united by faith and custom since its inception and that traditionally has drawn no distinction between the realm of faith and the realm of temporal power."

The modern "progressive" views nationalism as anathema. He sees it as the source of all the bloody conflicts of the past century and almost literally as the source of all evil. When he hears the word "nationalist," his PC Leftist Decoder Ring translates that to mean "xenophobic warmonger."

It strikes me, though, upon reading Jones' article, that in an ultimate geopolitical irony, it might be only the nationalists of the world who are capable of maintaining the peace. The Englishman who regards himself as a Subject of the Realm and not a member of the Brave New European World has no conflict with similarly-inclined Germans. Or Dutch. Or even Americans.

Men who seek only to preserve the character of the countries they love have no quarrel with those who wish to do likewise in their own lands. In fact, the opposite is true: if it becomes clear that they share a common enemy, one can be certain that the Japanese patriot will join hands with "gaijin" - long enough, at least, to save his culture.

It might just come to that. Jones gives example after example of how the Pan-Europeans are capitulating to even the most outlandish demands of the Islamofascists:

"Commercial society has likewise rushed to accommodate real or imagined Muslim sensibilities: a British bank boasts that it will comply with shari'a prohibitions on the uses of money, and the German state of Saxony-Anhalt has become the first European body to issue a sukuk, or Islamic bond. Religious society is not far behind: even as bin Laden speaks of wresting Spain ("al-Andalus") from the infidels by violence, the cathedral of Santiago has considered removing a statue of St. James Matamoros ("the Moor slayer"), lest it give offense to Muslims. For the same reason, the municipality of Seville has removed King Ferdinand III, hitherto the city's patron saint, from fiesta celebrations because he fought the Moors for 27 years. In Italy, where Islamists have threatened to destroy the cathedral of Bologna because of a fresco illustrating the Prophet Muhammad in the inferno (where Dante placed him), thought has been given to deleting the art-work from the walls. Even the Pope has apologized for the Crusades. In secular Denmark, the Qur'an (but not the Bible) is now required reading for high-school students. And so forth."

Happily, Americans haven't lost their nationalist inclinations to anywhere near the extent of Europeans. So we're probably immune to this sort of nonsense.

For now.

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The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has a hilarious line-by-line commentary on this article in the Boca Raton News of the support group meeting for South Floridians suffering from Post-Election-Selection-Trauma (PEST).

The newspaper article itself really reads almost like parody - but the Rottweiler's commentary adds a hilarious touch. My favorite, in response to learning that most members of the group are prdominantly jewish, over-fifty and resident of Palm Beach County:

"Why elderly Jews are so deeply affected by NOT having a president that would sell Eretz Yisrael down the river for a farthing and a favorable mention on al-Jazeera is beyond our comprehension, but the fact that they hail from Palm Beach County is not."
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