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Friday, January 14, 2005
(Academic) Freedom is Slavery.....

Need more proof that the colleges and universities of America are largely run by neostalinist cretin?

Well, here's some, anyway.

Exhibit A is the administration running Florida's Indian River Community College, which (IRCC) have forbidden the school's Christian Student Fellowship from showing the Passion of the Christ!

The alleged basis for the ban is the fact that the movie is R rated. But as the article points out, the college itself hosted a live performance entitled "****ing for Jesus" that described "simulated sex with the risen Christ."

It gets worse.

CSF students report that after their group wrote President Edwin R. Massey in protest, administrators pulled group leaders out of class and, astoundingly, demanded an apology from them for their actions. Now, CSF is unable even to officially meet because its advisor resigned after IRCC imposed a burdensome new policy requiring that faculty advisors attend all student group meetings....

IRCC has also taken its policy of intrusive monitoring of student organization activities to absurd heights. In early December, one CSF student reported that an administrator and security guard interrupted a private discussion between her and a fellow student and demanded to know what they were doing. IRCC's enforcement of the unlawful new rule prohibiting club meetings without the presence of a faculty advisor makes it impossible for CSF, a group that would normally meet at least three times a week, to function as a recognized student organization, as it is unable to find a new advisor who can attend every group meeting

The CSF is being defended by an excellent outfit called the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Groups like FIRE are part of what I call the rightwing counterinsurgency, which also includes groups like the American committee for Law and Justice (ACLJ), and Students for Academic Freedom.

Just as Old Media is being driven to near catatonic distraction by talk radio and the blogosphere, so too, we're seeing evidence of a meltdown in academia as tenured leftist professors are increasingly encountering students and organizations willing to resist their heavy-handed indoctrination. You've probably read by now about this 17 year old Kuwaiti student at Foothill College. If you haven't, you will now.

Ahmad Al-Qloushi came to the U.S. about six months ago to go to school, "with tremendous enthusiasm to study the political institutions and history of this extraordinary country."

Boy was HE naive! As you or I might have warned him, he was exposed to something quite different:

"Week after week, I encountered a lack of intellectual and political diversity that I would have more commonly expected to have heard on the streets of pre-liberation Iraq. In this particular class I heard only one consistent refrain: America is bad."

And to drive home that one refrain, the professor offered one final exam question:

"Dye and Zeigler contend that the Constitution of the United States was not ordained and established by the people as we have so often been led to believe. They contend instead that it was written by a small educated and wealthy elite in America who were representative of powerful economic and political interests. Analyze the US constitution (original document), and show how its formulation excluded the majority of the people living in America at that time, and how it was dominated by America's elite interest."

Being no shrinking violet, Al-Qloushi wrote this essay, questioning the very premises of the question. Not bad for a 17 year-old, I'd say.

The Professor refused to grade the paper, and requested that Al-Qloushi see him privately in his office. Al-Qloushi couldn't possibly have been prepared for what followed, which I must admit even I would have never foreseen.

His professor, a vile little dirtbag named Joe Woolcock, told him that his views were "irrational," and insisted that he seek psychiatric counseling!

"Professor Woolcock went as far as to threaten me by stating that he would visit the Dean of International Admissions (who has the power to take away student visas) to make sure I received regular psychological treatment.

This scared me. I didn't want to be deported for having written a pro-American essay, so as soon as I left his office I made an appointment with the school psychologist. She let me go with a comment that I don't need regular therapy. As I left her office, I couldn't?t help thinking that even my Palestinian high school teachers had never tried to silence me or put me in therapy

So there you have it. Show a religious movie and get your organization banned. Write an essay saying America isn't evil and get sentenced to psychiatric re-education.

In retrospect,maybe I was wrong to call these people "neostalinists."

Strike the "neo" bit.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005
The Demise of the AMMP

Thanks to Kevin Baker for pointing out this interesting Howard Fineman column on MSNBC entitled "The 'Media Party' is over."

Fineman argues that the American Media Mainstream Party was officially killed (or at least mortally wounded) by the Memogate episode. He clearly thinks this isn't a good thing, but at the same time he puts up a pretty tepid case. Honestly, it looks to me like his heart isn't in it.

As Baker points out, Fineman admits that the AMMP pretty much abandoned pretense of objectivity with Walter Cronkite's naked opposition to the Viet Nam war. According to Fineman, where Nixon fought with the AAMP, and Reagan coopted it, Bush and Karl Rove decided they could just ignore it. And they were right. Fineman's concluding paragraphs capture his angst - and more importantly that of this fraternity brothers - quite nicely, it seems to me:

"Rove and Bush decided that most forms of 'exposure' offered by the AMMP would be likely to do more harm than good. So why bother unless they could completely dictate the terms of engagement?

Bush doesn't hate the AMMP (indeed, he likes his share of reporters on a personal basis). He just refuses to care about what it's up to. The terrorist attack of 9/11, and the added security concerns it fueled, have given the White House a new reason to keep the AMMP at bay. Pools are 'tighter,' more and more events are 'closed press,' and those that are open are to be viewed at a distance, if at all.

In this situation, the last thing the AMMP needed was to aim wildly at the president — and not only miss, but be seen as having a political motivation in attacking in the first place. Were Dan Rather and Mary Mapes after the truth or victory when they broadcast their egregiously sloppy story about Bush's National Guard Service? The moment it made air it began to fall apart, and eventually was shredded by factions within the AMMP itself, conservative national outlets and by the new opposition party that is emerging: The Blogger Nation. It's hard to know now who, if anyone, in the "media" has any credibility.

And, as Walter Cronkite would say, that's the way it is

Fineman's a good and on-balance, fair journalist. He's one who doesn't seem to instinctively treat conservatives as barbarians at the gate, at least.

If there were more like him, maybe the insularity that led to the death of the AMMP could have been avoided.


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Heil Harry!

I guess even fabulously rich and well-bred twenty-year-old goofball kids will be twenty-year-old goofball kids.

But WOW, you would think that somewhere in all that grooming the royals get someone might have told Prince Harry that it's probably best not to be seen in public wearing a swastika arband!

Harry auditions for the Richard Dawson role in a Hogan's Heroes remake.Posted by Hello

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NYSE Resists Jackson Shakedown

Lenin famously said that the capitalists would sell world socialism the rope with which it would hang them. Happily (and surprisingly), at least one group of capitalists of the first order has gone out of the rope business.

According to the Cybercast News Service, "For the first time in eight years, Jesse Jackson's Wall Street Project will not receive a donation from the New York Stock Exchange." The NYSE is also refusing to allow Jackson to use its space for the WSP's fundraising party for the second consecutive year, after doing so from 1998 through 2003.

"The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a conservative legal watchdog group, reacted favorably to the news that the NYSE was not sponsoring the Wall Street Project in 2005....

'I am delighted that the NYSE has apparently met our request to cut off support for Jesse Jackson's Wall Street Conference, and has again denied him use of the Exchange floor for his gala,' said Peter Flaherty, president of the NLPC...

'One of the last vestiges of Richard Grasso's rotten legacy has now been swept away,' Flaherty said.... 'This reported cut-off of funding is significant because once an institution has been successfully shaken down by Jackson, it has proved difficult to escape him in future years,' he added

Three theers for the NYSE!


The high temperature in Chicago Wednesday was 62 degrees F.

The high temperature in Scottsdale, Arizona was 59 degrees.

Is THIS what they mean by "climate change?"


Mark Steyn on the mainstream media's bland (and blind) insistence that, of course, there was no media bias driving the Memogate fiasco (as heard on the Hugh Hewitt show):

"They're like White Russians having a tea party in the Summer of 1917."

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
We Think We Can Believe THIS Story - It Isn't From CBS News

It's from the Washington Post, in fact.

It turns out that CBS News is suffering a bit of a financial hit as a result of Rathergate. CBS News only accounts for 10% of corporate profits, but the hit is measurable nevertheless, resulting in CBS having to give ads away on other programs to make up for the lost news viewers.

"In the weeks following the Sept. 8 report, ratings for CBS's evening newscast dipped and then flattened out, said Leslie Moonves, Viacom co-president.

The drop in ratings meant that CBS Evening News and other CBS News programs had to give advertisers more commercial time to make up for lost audience numbers that are guaranteed in contracts, said John Rash, a television advertising buyer with Campbell Mithun. And it couldn't have come at a worse time, Rash said.

'The irony is the report aired on 60 Minutes II, and yet with Dan Rather being the public personification of the problem, its effect has been most noticeable on the CBS Evening News,' Rash said. 'They have not been able to regain much traction and most importantly have lost a key opportunity to erode NBC's ratings lead in the wake of Tom Brokaw's departure.'

For the last week of 2004, NBC's Nightly News was seen in an average of 8.4 million households, with ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings second at 7.7 million households and CBS's Evening News at 6 million households, according to Nielsen Media Research.

A 30-second ad on a network evening news broadcast typically costs about $50,000, one-tenth of what a 30-second commercial can go for on a top-rated entertainment program, such as CBS's CSI


...and MORE Bad News for Mary Mapes...

It doesn't look like she'll be able to snag that fallback job producing for Air America. On the off chance you don't know, Err America is the long-touted "liberal answer to conservative talk radio," headlined by such luminaries as Jeaneane Garofalo and Al Franken. They're all the way up to 40 stations, now (compared with hundreds carried by the typical prominent rightwing talker).

Now, if Err America was going to be a hit anywhere, you would think it would be in New York City. And I guess they did do fairly well when they were first rolled out. But, yikes..... the latest Arbitron ratings for New York City are out, and EA's NYC affiliate, WLIB, ranked 24th!

And THIS covered the time period during which the election was being contested. If this keeps up, Al Franken will be spewing his drivel to 12 members of the Spartacast League, a splinter wing of Act-Up, and maybe a few victims of John Ashcroft's War on Terror who've taken up residence in Bellevue.

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Monday, January 10, 2005
Leading off....Spain

So the Spaniards get to be the first to sign up to the EU Constitution, via referendum on February 20. God bless 'em.

Here in the states, anyway, the EU consolidation continues to be a vastly underreported story. Which isn't really surprising. I wonder, though, if it isn't underreported even amongst the constitution's prospective victims...err...beneficiaries in Europe.

Consider the way it's being peddled in Spain, for example:

"Opinion polls all predict a positive outcome - but Spanish officials worry the turnout may be embarrassingly low.

Nationwide surveys last month found up to 90% of Spaniards have little or no idea about the constitution's text.

That is why football stars, celebrity actors, singers, writers and journalists have been asked to lend their support.

Starting from Friday, these personalities - whose faces are familiar to millions of Spaniards - will read out parts of the constitution on Spanish TV every day at midday

Let's see if I have this straight.

Ninety percent of the populace is completely ignorant as to what it's voting on. So the Spaniards are going to have their actors, singers, and soccer players explain all about the wonders of the Brave New World they'll enter with One Nation, Under Brussels.

That sure sounds like it's on the up-and-up to me! That doesn't sound AT ALL like a government elite trying to pull the wool over its subjects' eyes. Who suggested that, anyway?

The fact of the matter is that the nations of Europe are embarking on a project that will lead to the obliteration of the national character of every one of them. Which is their choice of course. I nevertheless find it encouraging that while the BBC website peddles such fatuous twaddle as this, ostensibly for the purposes of educating its readers, and Spain has its soccer players play Read Along With Raoul, those who care about saving their countries are refusing to go down without a fight., which I strongly recommend for those Americans interested in learning more about what's about to happen "across the pond," is doing its best to make sure that the UK, at least, doesn't go down without a fight. Check out its list of "10 Reasons Why Britain Should Leave the European Union."

My U.S. readers might particularly like #7:

"The EU is dominated by France and Germany. For forty years, their heads of government have been meeting twice yearly to set their common agenda. EU enlargement will reduce Britain’s voting rights from the present 15% to less than 10%. It is dangerous and naïve to think we have any real influence – let alone be able to defend our vital.

EU enlargement will reduce Britain’s voting rights from the present 15% to less than 10%. It is dangerous and naïve to think we have any real influence – let alone be able to defend our vital interests against France’s unbridled hostility to America and the Anglo-Saxon ‘model’."

So the Brits - some of them anyway - are trying to protect themselves against the consequences of French spinelessness.

Plus ca change....
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MartiniPundit Added to the Blogroll
I've been looking to beef up the listing on the left. Boy, there's lots of junk out there. But here's a good one, hereby added to the blogroll: MartiniPundit.

Wonder if those are vodka or gin martinis?
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Sunday, January 09, 2005
The Truth About the Tsunami at Last!

And it's all laid out right here.

It's scary stuff, alright. Just take a look:

"To simplify matters for non-technical readers, an earthquake is always triggered by a resonant electromagnetic frequency in the range 0.5 to 12 Hertz, but it is not an instant process, because the resonant frequency must be precise. Thus as true resonance approaches, the fault line starts to tremble like a piece of rope under tension, and sends out warnings to the seismographs in the form of steadily increasing transverse shear waves.

If all you get is a cluster of 'P' compression waves, then you are almost certainly looking at an underground or sub sea explosion. These were in fact the only copious seismic signals that the Indonesians and Indians received, and they looked curiously similar to those generated many years ago by large underground nuclear weapons in Nevada

The bottom line: the American military, under orders from its Zionist masters, dropped "a multi-megaton thermonuclear weapon to the bottom of the Sumatran Trench."

Why? It's a little complicated. No, make that a LOT complicated.

Make that, I didn't really understand it. But read the article for yourself - I'm sure you'll have better luck with it.

Many thanks to reader Gary Collard for bringing this mind-shattering conspiracy to my attention.

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