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Unintentionally Hilarious Leftist Paranoia

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Monday, March 07, 2005

I'll be in Scottsdale through Saturday. Talk to you again on Sunday!
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Now that I've cooled down....

I'll amplify a little bit on that last post.

Anarchangel has hit a Grand Slam with this posting entitled Protesting Truth. In it, he manages to tie together:

1) The ludicrous ongoing vilification of Harvard president Lawrence Summers over his (GASP!) suggestion that perhaps, just perhaps, the low participation rate of women in the hard sciences might have something to do with factors other than discrimination;

2) The hilarious "scandal," also at Harvard (where else?) over Jada Pickett's comment that women "can have it all?a loving man, devoted husband, loving children, a fabulous career..." What's the issue you ask? Well apparently, homosexual groups on campus considered those comments "heteronormative." Don't ask, just read the posting.

3) Aids Strain-B which is tremendously more deadly than Strain-A with near 100% lethality within 2 years. Apparently homosexual groups have put pressure on major newspapers not to write about this for fear of anti-homosexual backlash. Better people should die than the homosexuals get their undies in a bunch, I guess;

4) The astounding admission by former Clinton Aid Nancy Soderberg that she and her verminous ilk hope the situation in Iran and North Korea go badly so the Democrats can benefit politically.

Oh and if you were thinking of giving someone a knife as a gift, the Anarchangel has also written an astoundingly detailed piece outlining the 10 major factors you should consider in purchasing a knife.

I know. I don't get it either. But then again I've never even owned a penknife. Come to think if it, I'm not even sure what a "penknife" is. But hey, if you're up for a couple thousand word essay on knife craftmanship....Chris Byrnes is your guy!


Eric Cowperthwaite - hey Eric, what kind of name is Cowperthwaite anyway, other than hard to spell? - has an interesting discussion of libertarian first principles going on at his site, to which I have made a modest contribution.

Every time I read something like this it reminds me that I need to flesh out that essay I've been writing about Libertarian Nationalism. Before someone else beats me to it, that is.
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May Blogspot Burn in Hell

Two more hours of posting down the drain. I am physically sick.

Read this post by Anarchangel and this posting by Eric Cowperthwaite.

That was about a thousand words before Blogspot ate it. Read the postings, though, they're extremely good.
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