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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Exhibit #537 in Support of the proposition that John McCain is Pond Scum

The vile little dirtbag is at it again. Now he's saying he's going to support the Democrats if the GOP tries to stop the filibuster of judicial nominees.

WASHINGTON - Arizona Sen. John McCain said yesterday that if fellow Republicans succeed in banning the filibuster for judicial nominees, they could extend it to nixing debate on any subject.
"This is important to the future of the country," McCain, an opponent of a filibuster ban, told CBS' "Face the Nation."

"What would keep us from taking the same tack about a legislative issue, if it were some really huge issue, that we're now contemplating as far as confirmation of judges is concerned?

I'm now more convinced than ever that McCain has no intention of seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. Alternatively, if he does, he's even dumber than I think.

Were he to somehow get the nomination, I'd have to vote Constitution Party or something. It would be the end of the GOP for some time.


Speaking of 2008, guess who the generally sensible Howard Fineman says some GOP insiders are touting for the party's nod. I'll give you 10 names and bet you can't guess it.

I'm a big fan of this guy. After Reagan and Gingrich, he probably had more to do with making the GOP a majority party than anyone. But talk about a dark horse!

Done guessing?

Last chance.

The answer can be found here.


Ahhh, but even more delicious than the prospect of President Barbour might be the prospect of Pope Ratzinger.

Who? Apparently a leading candidate to replace John Paul II is Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the man who presently heads the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. That's the body charged with promulgating official Catholic doctrine.

So what? So, he's VERY conservative. Much more so than JPII. The international media would be sent into an absolute tizzy. GOD, it would be fun. If you doubt it, check out this brief passage from the web site of The Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club.

"As Grand Inquisitor for Mother Rome, Ratzinger keeps himself busy in service to the Truth: correcting theological error, silencing dissenting theologians, and stomping down heresy wherever it may rear its ugly head -- and, consequently, has received somewhat of a notorious reputation among the liberal media and 'enlightened' intelligentsia of pseudo-Catholic universities."

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
The Angle on Papal Selection You WON'T Hear on CNN

So we're doubtless now in for endless prattle over the next several weeks as to whether the Cardinals gathering in the Sistine Chapel will select a "progressive" Pope (e.g., one who supports the ordination of married lesbian transsexuals) or a "conservative" Pope (e.g., one who doesn't).

What we almost certainly WON'T hear about is the likelihood that the selection of a Pope seen as any less conservative than John Paul II is likely to accelerate two strong movements within the Catholic Church. Namely: Traditionalism and Sedevacantism.

This subject is extremely complex inasmuch as it is laced with highly intricate and cuanced issues of Catholic theology. For our purposes, though, you need to know a couple of things. First, within the Roman Catholic church, there is very little sense that JPII was "too conservative." Quite the contrary, there is a small but growing segment of Catholicism that accepts the concept of the Papacy, but has denied the authority of JPII and all Popes dating back to the Second Vatican Council. These people are known as "sedevacantists." Some of them - fringe groups admittedly - have even gone so far as to elect their own Popes.

Less extreme than the Sedevacantists, who are likely lost to the Church absent some unlikely developments, are the Traditionalists. These are the folks who have remained in communion with Rome, but nevertheless eschew the Vatican II reforms, particularly the mass performed in the local vernacular or "Novus Ordo." There has been a tremendous upsurge in interest over the past two decades in the traditional, Tridentine Mass as celebrated pre-Vatican II. Like Catholic Zell Millers, conservative Catholics increasingly feel that there's no room at the Inn for them and their beliefs.

If the College of Cardinals should happen to follow the wishes of the world's leading news organizations next week and choose a "progressive" man to lead the world's largest church....well, I'd venture to say that it will in the lifetime of most readers of this blog no longer be the world's largest church.

The Cardinals might convince themselves that they're cleverly buying the support of a powerful would-be adversary by making such a move; but in truth they'll be doing nothing more than catering to that species of elitists that despises them on principle and always will.

And they'll deserve what they get for it.

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Monday, April 11, 2005
Sorry for the two-week hiatus. Lots of business travel, preparation for rotisserie baseball drafts, and a bad cold have all conspired to keep me away from this little forum. I promise to do better now.


Are the Philippines the next Afghanistan?

Michelle Malkin talks about the escalating nature of the threat from the Philippine island of Mindanao. Mindanao has for centuries been home to the most fanatical sort of Muslims, and Malkin rightfully worries over the prospect that some Islamofascist nutjob might gain easy entry to the U.S. posing as a Filipino businessman.

Islam hasn't changed a whit, after all, in the nearly 500 years since Lapulapu killed Magellan in the battle of Mactan. The most inherently violent world religion has retained a veritable sovereignty in the midst of an ostensible ally of the U.S.

This is an incredibly dangerous situation.
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