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Unintentionally Hilarious Leftist Paranoia

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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Oh, did I mention that I was going back to Phoenix for a week?

Probably not. Sorry about that.

I stumbled across something on TV tonight though that got my blood boiling enough on my first day home to make up for the lost week.

Whilst looking up baseball scores online, my attention was diverted to a show on Fox (some type of newsmagazine - I'm not sure the name) featuring a 5 year-old-girl named "Jaisha" (my phonetic spelling) who was throwing a tantrum in her kindergarten class.

No...."tantrum" doesn't quite describe it. For reasons of which I'm not entirely certain, she was destroying the classroom. As in pulling books off shelves, tossing furniture around and generally disheveling everything in her vicinity. Oh, and she punched her teacher too. And screamed. Loudly. Without pause.

So, unable to control her, the school authorities called the police, who proceeded to handcuff the little bastard. And you guessed it. The talking head on the Fox newsmagazine show was positively SCANDALIZED that this little angel was handcuffed. "UNNECESSARY," he bellowed. I'm sure this will be the story line adopted by the major media. Here's one early sample.

Maybe it was unnecessary to handcuff this prospective resident of the Florida correction system. Maybe. But it was certainly more constructive than her attempt to dismantle her classroom. And the latter concerns me far more than the former.
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