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Unintentionally Hilarious Leftist Paranoia

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Pronunciation: \ˈsī-ˌäps\ Function: noun plural Usage: often attributive Etymology: psychological operations Date: 1966
: military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through noncombative means (as distribution of leaflets)
(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary,

I don't know who is doing it, but I'm getting a stronger feeling with each passing day that a massive psyops campaign is underway to demoralize the conservative movement. Consider:

David Frum has written a book ("Comeback: A Conservatism That Can Win Again) in which he suggest that conservatives re energize their movement by abandon silly superstitions about free markets and the sanctity of life.

Frum's prescription to fight looming socialism? Socialized medicine and turning Social Security into a welfare program. With friends like these......

Laura Ingraham, an ostensibly conservative commentator, earnestly tells conservatives that they must heed the media's predictable election-year bleating about widespread economic "angst" despite near record low unemployment and an economic expansion entering its sixth year. Conservatives desperately clinging to their outmoded faith in capitalism just "don't get it" she tut-tuts as Couric, Williams, Schieffer and their friends nod in approval.

The field of GOP presidential aspirants has been narrowed to two Rockefeller Republicans, a cranky septuagenarian who has made an all-too-lengthy career of sticking it to conservatives, a populist naif, and but one authentic, thoughtful conservative who has apparently managed to personally offend virtually every member of the mainstream media, judging by the press coverage of Fred Dalton Thompson.

We are bombarded daily with stories about the inevitability of Democrat gains in the 2008 elections. The issues all favor them, we're told. Health care! Global Warming! Ending the war in Iraq! And of course....Economic Angst! This is what the electorate is concerned with, and ONLY the Democrats can give them what they want.

Even with all this, conservatives still had one reed of hope: Hillary Clinton. Despised by a substantial percentage of the population, distrusted by more, her nomination was sure to result in an invigoration of the Republican base and a crossover of a substantial number of independents to the GOP nominee come November.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. The Wicked Witch of the West was displaced by the Human Rorschach Test. Democrats, by apparently rejecting Hillary Clinton in favor of Barak Obama, have chosen a candidate who offers every white person who has ever suspected himself of harboring ignoble racial sentiments the chance for absolution without the uncomfortable psychic exposure of the confessional. Just check that "D" box and all sins are forgiven. Free at last!

The left has always had the advantage of a mainstream media animated largely by a left-leaning agenda. For the first time, though, at least since the dark days when GOP congressional leadership consisted of the likes of Bob Michels and Bob Dole, a good portion of the Loyal Opposition has decided not to oppose.

Oh, there are still some stalwarts, but they're almost exclusively consigned to the realm of talk radio - home of conservatism's foot soldiers. But while the Rush Limbaughs and the Mark Levins nobly fight their ground battles; the boys at NRO and the Weekly Standard have apparently concluded that the fight for economic liberty is just so-eighties. If they aren't urging us to fend off socialism by embracing it, they're championing the cause of politicians who would have drawn their unmitigated scorn a mere decade ago.

Mitt Romney? Please. In the 80's and early 90's he would have been lucky to get a sit-down with Bill Buckley. Now National Review would have us believe he is the second coming of Barry Goldwater.

So who is orchestrating this nefarious psyops operation? The Illuminati? The Council on Foreign Relations? The Bildebergers?

Are we living a true-life Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Who knows? They - whoever THEY are - are far too clever to have their machinations discerned by the likes of me. But if you should hear of me championing the cause of Mel Martinez for President in 2012.....

Tell my friends I stayed awake as long as I could.
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